Srečanje Mediteranske mreže, izjava za tisk, Zadar, oktober 2019

V Zadru je potekal 14. sestanek Mediteranske mreže Mednarodnega PEN v okviru Akademske in literarne konference. Letos sta jo organizirala Hrvaški PEN center in Univerza v Zadru (oddelki za italijanščino, francoščino, španščino in portugalščino. Udeležili so se je predstavniki iz Francije, Hrvaške, Izraela, Turčije in Slovenije (Ifigenija Simonović in Tone Peršak). Dve temi: Glasovi migracije - sredozemska enotnost in raznolikost in Sredozemlje in migracije. Izoblikovali smo izjavo za medije (v angleščini).

Zadar, 10th -13th  October 2019

We protest against the concept of the “illegal” migrant. Somebody is not illegal just for the fact that (s)he migrates due to dire straits in her/his county. The quest for better life is not illegal.
PEN demands response to S.O.S! We appeal to European governments to respect the Law of the Sea in the Mediterranean.
We protest against the “criminalization” of NGOs and other civic organizations and individuals who help migrants whose lives are in danger.
Humans are not commodity.
Conflict as the common outcome of ostentatious capitalism and political propaganda monopolizing cultural and intellectual production, hampers the survival of humanistic values that had been developed in the long history of the Mediterranean culture.
We think that is essential – having in mind the actual migratory crisis – to point to the problem of different educational levels, and different scholarly systems and socio-cultural backgrounds that come into contact in the process of contemporary migrations.
It is also our intention to point to the complexity of understanding and interpreting historical narration because history should reflect plurality of voices.
Our intention is to promote educational change based on cultural open mindedness and on developing critical thinking abilities.
We oppose the paradox of protecting free trade while current policies make travelling freely for people more and more difficult. Exchanging experiences in real human encounter, not only virtually, is important for free circulation of ideas.