Invitation to the 79th World PEN Congress

Invitation by Sjon, Icelanic PEN President

Dear colleagues and friends of PEN,
It is my pleasure to call for your participation in the PEN International Congress in Reykjavík, September 2013. We will meet under the theme “Digital Frontiers – Linguistic Rights and Freedom of Speech” and discuss it in its broad international context as well as its relevance to different local PEN centres, big and small. Also on the agenda will be PEN International’s ongoing work as represented by its various Committees and groups.
In 2011 Reykjavík became a UNESCO City of Literature due to its role in the preservation and studies of the medieval sagas and its flourishing contemporary literature scene. So, the members of the Icelandic PEN Centre along with the citizens of the world’s northernmost capital look forward to your visit and to share with you their cultural heritage, their works and thoughts on the importance of the written and spoken word for the betterment of the society and the world. The Reykjavik International Literary Festival will start during the congress week and welcomes the delegates to attend all its readings and panels.
On behalf of the Icelandic PEN Centre I express our wish that many of you will join us for the PEN International Congress from the 9th to 12th of September in Reykjavík this year and take part in discussing and forming the important issues at hand in the work of our formidable organisation, as well as enjoying spending time in the company of likeminded colleagues. We can not promise you northern lights but we will receive you with our best northern warmth,
Sincerely yours,
Sjón, president