l was forced to leave my hometown


l was forced to leave my hometown, so l walked away with nothing with me, l continued walking aimlessly looking at the horizon, telling my desperate soul: "You have had a home sheltering you and a life, now all that is gone, you are lost, no home, no safe haven to go to, nothing."

BUT l had a glimpse at that same horizon, and saw a generous, blessed, wonderful and kind land pointing at me as if inviting me whispering:"Sameer you should never worry! Because l am Slovenia your new hometown!" So, many thanks Slovenia.
Lepa hvala, Slovenija, lepa hvala, Ljubljana.

Sameer Sayegh is an Iraqi poet who writes in Arabic and English. He was born in 1949. He holds Bachelor in English language and literature. He translated and published several poems from English to Arabic. He also wrote and published a short story in English. He worked as translator in the Air Force for one year at compulsory service, and as translator for the Iraqi Red Crescent, as a simultaneous interpreter for the head of the German Red Cross in Mosul, and for experts and lecturers from Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Italy, in addition to the coverage of the Crescent's activities. He worked as a cultural correspondent for both Al- Jumhuriyah, and Azzaman daily newspapers.