Presentation of the Bled Manifesto of the WfPC

Thursday, 16th of January was a big day for the WfPC and a first public presentation of a more than two year's work of a worldwide communitity of writers, striving for Peace. 

WfPC of PEN International launched its Bled Manifesto of the Writers for Peace Committee longside the presentation of the 2014 Oxfam Novib/PEN International Free Expression Award to freelance journalist Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim, journalist and activist Oksana Chelysheva and journalist and human rights defender Dina Meza for their continued work for freedom of expression in the face of persecution in The Hague on Thursday, 16th of January 2014.  

The Manifesto, which was adopted at the 79th PEN International Congress in Iceland in September 2013, recognises the key role of writers in creating the conditions necessary for building and maintaining peace through dialogue and intellectual exchange and calls for the recognition of a universal right to peace.