Statement by the Writers for Peace Committee of PEN International and the Slovene PEN Centre

Appalled and indignant, members of the Slovene PEN Centre and of the Writers for Peace Committee of PEN International join John R. Saul, president of PEN International and other distinguished representatives of PEN International and numerous PEN centres in their protest at the brutal murder of the Japanese journalist. Without mercy, members of the so-called Islamic State who brutally murdered a number of journalists in the same horrendous way, like criminals in Mexico and terrorists across the world, are killing people who do their job or perhaps try to rescue their colleagues.  The crime is ever more hideous in this case because it was committed, like numerous terrorist crimes lately, in the name of a monotheistic god, who in fact commands peace and tolerance. It is most shocking that members of the same religion were brutally murdered while they were praying for peace in a mosque in Fotocol, Cameroon. The right to peace, freedom of expression and tolerance towards people who think differently are the values defended by PEN International and every PEN Centre in their own environment and across the world, Slovene PEN Centre being one of them and especially the Writers for Peace Committee.

Tone Peršak
President of WfPC

Marjan Strojan
President of Slovene PEN Centre