SHORT REPORT - Bled 2020


Short report

52nd International Weiters' Meeting at Bled, 2020

 The meeting was postponed twice because of the virus situation, but it did go ahead between 22nd and 25th of September.

Some events happened before and after the meeting. The following meetings were realised: WWC, WfPC, Alps/Adria Network. There were 3 litterary evets and a concert. School program couldn't go ahead because of the virus-restrictions.

18 members of the following PEN Centres were present: Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, with many others telephone and Zoom connections were established.

Both round-table sessions were realised as planned.

The main parts of the meeting were sessions of the WfPC. Four resolutions were prepared to be discussed at the Congress, which went ahead via ZOOM conference last November. 

At the meeting at Bled the Slovene PEN Centre presented the following publications:

Collection of essays of the participants;

Poetry collection - bilingual - Manca Košir

Poetry collection - bilingual - Meta Kušar

Poetry collection - Slovene - Boris Pasternak

Poetry collection - Slovene, English, French - Richard Berngarten

Poetry collection - bilingual - Sameer Sayegh

Literalised biography - Slovene - Peter Townsend