53. Mednarodno srečanje pisateljev na Bledu: povezava Alpe-Adria

Bled, 9.6. 2021

Srečanje v okviru povezave Alpe – Adria

Prispevek mag. Lidije Golc

Towards a Shared Cultural Space

The starting point of my reflection is a statement of the Alpe-Adria Manifesto: I identify with the border, not with what goes on at either side, but the border itself, as a place of encounter, exchange and transition. I touch on the currency of Lennon’s War is Over, which manages to link the personal destinies of its authors with the three perspectives on reality (present, past, future). I demonstrate the transcending of borders by referencing four literary works, giving special focus to Vincenc Gotthardt’s: At the Other End of the World, (Na drugem koncu sveta) also nominated for the Kresnik Award.

The importance of personal contacts: publishing opportunities; "Quarantine Cinema”, The Tinje New Year Gathering on 30th January 2021, the virtual performance accompanying this year’s Day of Slovene Culture (The Word is a Jewel for a Man of Culture), The “Carinthia Sings” concert. On the consolidating function of art.

Institutions dedicated towards a unified cultural space: IES (The Institute for Ethnic Studies), Ljubljana, SFI (The Slovene Folklore Institute) Urban Jarnik, Celovec/Klagenfurt, SLORI (The Slovene Research Institute), Trst/Trieste, CSC (Carinthian Slovenes´ Club(s)).

Carinthian media also do their part in maintaining contact: Nedelja, Novice, ORF (Dober dan, Koroška, Zajtrk s profilom), Radio Agora.

Two experiences: and PEN; there is room for improvement in relations between the Homeland and the diaspora community.

Suggestions: An integrated media space; the Trieste diaspora news is still airing only in the night time, integrative cultural edication (incorporating literature, music, films, regular exchanges of teachers and students, field trips, journalist exchanges).


The International PEN Charter (as well as the organization as a whole) has always made it its mission to promote activities transcending all frontiers. It would follow that it strives to achieve the same goals concerning our cultural space, our home, consisting of Slovenes on both sides of the border and beyond. Without respect and care for our home in the hours of our days (in the words of Mira Mihelič) we always find ourselves becoming weaker, even as we turn to the World.


6th June 2021