Pismo podpore Makedonskemu PEN Centru

11. 11. je Slovenski center PEN sestavil pismo podpore Makedonskemu centru PEN, ki ga je poslal tudi v vednost Mednarodnemu PEN v Londonu in Bolgarskemu PEN. Pismo je napisano v angleščini.

Dear colleagues, friends, members of Macedonian PEN,

Dear citizens of North Macedonia!

With shock and disappointment, we note the Bulgarian government in its endeavours to stop Northern Macedonia's accession to the European Union by bringing forward indecent and culturally and historically unfounded demands, the aim of which is to stop negotiations between Northern Macedonia and the European Union as well as the negotiations on harmonization of Macedonian legislation with European regulations. We would like to inform you, dear colleagues, members of the Macedonian PEN Centre, that we support you and your efforts to join the European Union, and that the Republic of Slovenia also supports you.

 It is unacceptable for any country to prevent any other country or nation from developing and accessing the status and goods that this country already enjoys, especially if the efforts of that other country do not in any way hinder its development and the benefit of the goods the other country wishes to access. With its demands, Bulgaria denies the development and existence of Macedonian culture and language as well as its cultural identity, which is completely unacceptable for a democratic Europe of the 21st century. The fact that a language is named and respected as an original language is the basic right of every language community and the country where the language is spoken.

Slovenians appreciate and respect the Macedonian cultural and linguistic identity, and the members of Slovenian PEN hope and expect that sooner or later, Bulgarian PEN Centre will do the same. 

Tone Peršak, President of the Slovene Centre PEN

Ljubljana, 11. 11. 2020